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W1 W2 Thermostat Wiring Diagrams - The thermostat has seven wires connected to terminals labeled C, R, W2, E, Y1 and W1 together (with a jumper), O/B, and G. There’s also a tan wire that’s not. the black wire is your common wire, you need to program your thermostat, in the advance mode, to tell the t-stat if your heat pump reversing valve is energized on cooling or heating, is the orange wire connected to your t-stat.= w2/o/b. Installation and Setup Guide Color Touchscreen W1 Y1 R W2 R DS C G R C D R Y2 Y1 C FAN RELAY EDA UNIT TYPICAL TWO−STAGE OUTDOOR UNIT THERMOSTAT OUTDOOR SENSOR (x2658) Thermostat Wiring Diagrams (continued) 17 TSTAT ML180, ML193, ML195, EL180E, EL195E, ELO183, SLO185 CBX25UH, CBX25UHV,.

Wiring Diagram *8MPT (Two Stage Heating with PSC Motor) 18. Thermostat Wiring Guide 1. These diagrams are for reference. See thermostat wiring instructions for specific terminal assignments, connections or operation.. Wiring Diagrams INDEX ACCESSORIES NOTE: Accessory wiring is shown on the unit wiring diagrams. Refer thermostat with Y1, Y2, W1, W2 and G connections, then the control will perform the following sequence. When terminal G is energized, the indoor fan will turn on.. We provide Honeywell, White Rodgers & other thermostat wiring diagrams and explanation showing how to wire a room thermostat, including just what connections to make and how wires and connectors are color coded to make things easy..

See unit-specific wiring diagrams on back page. 2. Connect the outdoor sensor (if used) to the ’T’ connections on the thermostat (wire run should not exceed 300’ [91m]). 3. Seal the hole in the wall with a suitable material to prevent drafts W1 ON W1 OFF W2 ON W2 OFF FAN (G) ON FAN (G) OFF H ON H OFF D ON D OFF O ON (B OFF) B ON (O. Oct 26, 2017  · This is a brief overview of heat pump thermostat wiring. Always refer to your instructions when wiring up a system to ensure you are wiring to the manufactures requirements.. Use the wire labels included with your Sensi packaging to label your wires before removing them from your old thermostat. Label one wire at a time, according to the terminal cross-reference table below that corresponds to your system type..

T7600 Series Programmable & Non-Programmable Thermostats For Commercial HVAC Applications Detailed wiring diagrams per application RH W2 Thermostat Terminals - T7652B1000 - 2H/2C/P W1 AU DI1 OS Y2 GY1 DI2 RS Scom RC C. EC MS EC MS EC. AU DI. Sample Wiring Diagrams Page 6 R C G Y1 Y2 W1 W2 O E L W2 Y2 R W1 Y1 G C O 24 vac common 24 vac return fan relay compressor relay 1st stage heat circuit Thermostat * The heat pump option must be selected on during advanced setup. Every thermostat is calibrated before it. Install the Smart Si Thermostat Step 4. Connect the Wiring Step 5. Power On HVAC Equipment Step 1. Power Off HVAC Equipment Check the wiring diagrams on the subsequent pages for the number of wires required. W2 W1 R Y1 RR C Y2 G. Air Handler Smart Si Thermostat..

SMART Thermostat Installation Manual . Getting Started 2 Welcome 2 Technical Support 2 Disconnect the wires going to the existing Thermostat. 3. Using the wiring diagrams on pages 9-14, connect the heating or air conditioning equipment to the W2 R W1 HRV C C. Com.. So you got your hands on an ecobee3 smart thermostat, and instead of reading through the installation manual (which is actually pretty good), you came to the Internet to.

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